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Nrg Web Design
Kelowna, British Columbia - Canada

Nrg Web DesignHigh Tech Web Design Firm

Nrg Web Design is an innovative web design firm. Our customers are people just like you, we create simple websites for many customers. We are capable of adding many of the latest technologies to your website, for those customers with more demanding needs.

Nrg Web Design

The Silicon Vineyard

The 1970's and 1980's saw the world's leading information technology companies relocating their research and development centres to several communities surrounding Stanford University. This area is known as the "Silicon Valley" and has become the hub of computer development activity in the world.

Kelowna is fast becoming known in high-tech circles as the "Silicon Vineyard". International technology firms are relocating to Kelowna for many important reasons. Kelowna's access to the latest technologies and a reliable high-speed internet infrastructure make for a stable business foundation. Kelowna's affordable housing and wonderful climate make it easier to attract the "best" in the business.

Vineyards and Orchards
Okanagan Vineyard

is nestled in an area of British Columbia known as the Sunny Okanagan. The countryside is dotted with orchards of apples, peaches, and cherries and the summers can reach temperatures of 40 ° Celsius (104 ° Fahrenheit). It is a beautiful place in the summer with endless days of sun and heat. Kelowna offers Nrg Web Design all of the amenities needed to run our company, with the beauty to enjoy our days off.

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